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  • Full-service mixing for your stereo and multi-channel material.

  • Contact our engineers directly and schedule your project.

  • Attended sessions possible remotely or in person!


  • A convenient and affordable alternative for mixing your stereo material. Send us your tracks online, and our first available engineer will mix your project.

  • 350e (+ VAT 24%) / Track.


Our largest live room is B-Studio at almost a thousand cubic metres. The smallest room, our 1m2 echo-free chamber, can be found within F-Studio.


The sound you are looking for is here.

In our facilities you can seamlessly record and mix instruments, vocals, podcasts, radio shows, voice-overs and foley, all the way up to the Dolby Atmos Premix 7.1.2 format. At Finnvox you can find a wide range of microphones from vintage to modern - we even have some original rarities from the 60s.

Our experienced engineers will handle your material with the highest possible standards, from start to finish with uncompromising professionalism.


Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Aki Sihvonen

+358 50 370 4142


Recording, mixing

Risto Hemmi

+358 50 0850 698

Recording, mixing

Mikko Karmila


Leevi Kohonen

+358 50 501 5142

Recording, mixing

Valtteri Tuominen

+358 40 521 5106

Recording, mixing

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