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Cinepost is a Dolby Atmos compatible unit sound design, mixing and mastering, specifically designed for film sound. The acoustics of the room are carefully crafted to flawlessly reproduce all the details in a film - whether it is to be played in movie theatres, home cinemas or in TV. The unit, with its natural and reliable monitoring high quality screen, has time and time again provided the setting for making great decisions that have brought extra value to countless domestic and international productions.


Studio F is our largest mixing studio accompanied with a spacious live room. In addition to mixing Films, TV-series and of course music, our top quality Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 mixing room is an excellent place to have screenings, small premiers and album listening sessions.

The Studio F live room has its own separate recording control room, which allows the live room to be used for many purposes. The Studio F live room is used for foley recordings, vocal and voice-over recordings, overdubs, ADR:s and all this can be done in sync with video.

Studio F fulfills the Dolby Atmos for Music mixing room standards.


Studio A is a top notch Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 mixing studio with own recording booth. In addition to mixing and mastering films and TV-series, Studio A is an excellent choice for screenings. Acoustically neutral recording booth suites perfectly for all recording purposes, whether you want to record in sync with picture, or track perfect vocals or guitar tracks for your album.

Studio A fulfills the Dolby Atmos for Music mixing room standards.


E-Studio offers a pleasant and efficient setting for working with sound for projects in film and TV. E-Studio boasts precisely calibrated 5.1 monitoring along with a high-grade projector and screen. The perforated screen allows the speakers to be positioned so that the sound is reproduced in exactly the desired direction relative to the events shown on the screen.

ADR, voice-overs and Foley can be recorded in a fully soundproofed room in the same hallway as E-Studio.


Specially designed for the needs of TV productions, our 5.1 compatible sound design and mixing unit is located right next to our cafeteria. In addition to the sound production for TV series, this unit is used as a dialogue and effect editing unit in many of our productions.


Assembled with care and experience, our reliable and versatile field recording equipment serves our film sound professionals all year round.


C-Studio is another of Finnvox most legendary studios. Countless of Finlands most successful metal bands have had their records mixed in this studio.

C-Studio offers a small recording space with a window to the control room. This is ideal for tasks such as vocal recording and re-amping.

​C-Studio is especially favoured (and diligently occupied) by mixing engineer Mikko Karmila.


D-Studio is the mastering suite of Mika Jussila.

The athmosphere of D-Studio is defined by a scent of hard rock and fresh coffee. Mika Jussila is protected under the watchful eye of Pharao Tutankhamun.


G-Studio is the mastering suite of Pauli Saastamoinen.


H-Studio is the headquarters of our Studio Manager, Producer Aki Sihvonen.


I-Studio fulfills the Dolby Atmos for Music standards and as such is an exceptional room for mastering and any other audio work. The view from the window reveals the rich nature of the adjacent forest (including the local tram)


ROOM3 is our production and songwriting studio, playfully named after our former third storage room in which ROOM3 was built. ROOM3 comes equipped with a sound card, pre-amps and microphones that are easy to connect to your laptop.


B-Studio is considered the heart of Finnvox. It is suitable for all types of recording, but it fits especially well for music which requires a lot of air around it. B-Studio is busy all year around, hosting recording sessions ranging from rock bands to orchestral and film music.

B-Studio has our largest live room at nearly 1000m3 of space. The acoustics can be fine tuned to fit the recording task at hand. The possibilities are endless when the five windowed, isolated recording rooms are used in combination with the larger space in the middle.


"The sound must be inherent in the room itself. Then you record that sound using the best gear available. While technology marches on and we keep updating our equipment, the room and the sound it produces remain. That's where the soul of the studio is." 


- Erkki Ertesuo, 1965

Finnvox consists of 12 studios and a selection of different live rooms for all needs. Our facilities are well suited for music recording, production, mixing and mastering as well as film sound, podcasts and radio programs - we have the perfect room for pretty much any recording needs.

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