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  • The price of the service is 350 € + VAT 24% / Track.

  • The mixing is performed by our first available engineer.

  • Work usually begins within 1-10 days.​

  • The invoice must be paid before starting work.

  • The cheaper price of E-Mastering is based on the following factors

    • Track length 1-5 minutes.

    • Maximum number of tracks 48 (stereo tracks are counted as two audio tracks)

    • One round of revisions.

    • The price does not include editing audio tracks or correcting the pitch / tuning of vocals or instruments.

For more extensive mixing service please contact Aki Sihvonen!


E-Mixing at Finnvox is a convenient and affordable alternative for mixing your material. Send us your tracks online, and our first free engineer will mix your project.

To get started, contact us using the form below. In return, you will receive instructions, a username and a password to use our Voxbox server. If you already have the credentials, you can send us your files directly.

The price of the service is 350,00 € + VAT 24% = 434 € / Track.​​


For more information please contact:

Aki Sihvonen

+358 50 3704142

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