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The versatile facilities and equipment at Finnvox offer endless possibilities for organizing any production.


When looking for high quality music production, you should turn to our producers at Finnvox - as can be confirmed by several top artists in our country. The skills of our producers have given rise to hits on Spotify and on the radio, as well as within film, theater and video game music - not to mention Eurovision songs. State-of-the-art studio facilities with the right tools and experience are at your service, ready to take your music to the next new level.

Maybe you’re looking for high-end facilities to host a co-write session or a song camp? Or maybe you need a studio space with good monitoring and microphones for a weekend to complete a project? We also offer our facilities on a lockout basis.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information!

Aki Sihvonen


+358 50 370 4142

Leevi Kohonen


‭+358 50 501 5142


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