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Equipped with accurate 7.1.4 monitoring and a 92 ”screen, the A-Studio is an excellent unit for sound design and music mixing, especially film and TV. A-Studio is also great for recording dubs and voice overs, as well as vocals. A-Studio offers a pleasant atmosphere for the director to finalize a production in, while having enough space to accommodate several guests to give their comments before the premiere. The recording booth has a window to the control room and features video monitoring capabilities.


E-Studio offers a pleasant and efficient setting for working with sound for projects in film and TV. E-Studio boasts precisely calibrated 5.1 monitoring along with a high-grade projector and screen. The perforated screen allows the speakers to be positioned so that the sound is reproduced in exactly the desired direction relative to the events shown on the screen.

ADR, voice-overs and Foley can be recorded in a fully soundproofed room in the same hallway as E-Studio.


F-Studio's spacious recording room is ideal for Foley effects, dubbing as well as recording film music. In F-Studio, you can sound design and mix music or the entire movie soundtrack in Stereo and 5.1 format, as well as the new Dolby Atmos for the Home format.

The monitoring system is cinema and home theater compatible Genelec 7.1.4. The spaciousness of the control room allows for inviting more production representatives to enjoy the end result.


Cinepost is a Dolby Atmos compatible unit sound design, mixing and mastering, specifically designed for film sound. The acoustics of the room are carefully crafted to flawlessly reproduce all the details in a film - whether it is to be played in movie theatres, home cinemas or in TV. The unit, with its natural and reliable monitoring high quality screen, has time and time again provided the setting for making great decisions that have brought extra value to countless domestic and international productions.


Specially designed for the needs of TV productions, our 5.1 compatible sound design and mixing unit is located right next to our cafeteria. In addition to the sound production for TV series, this unit is used as a dialogue and effect editing unit in many of our productions.


Assembled with care and experience, our reliable and versatile field recording equipment serves our film sound professionals all year round.



All sound and music for film.

Cinepost is our film and TV post production department, specialising in audio post production, sound design, music for film and field recording. We excel in providing a complete solution for sound and music production, under the same roof.

We always design a suitable sound production package according to the needs of the production. We handle long and short films, as well as documentaries and fiction both on television and  on the big screen.


We deliver in following formats and masters: Dolby Atmos Premix 7.1.2, Surround 7.1, Surround 5.1 and Stereo 2.0.

Mikko Rothfors

+358 40 588 0492

Head of Sound Production

Olli Huhtanen

+358 50 528 6744

Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Composer

Sami Sarhamaa

+358 40 040 8114

Re-recording Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer,  Mastering Engineer

Tuomas Järnefelt

+358 40 512 2144

Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Location Sound Recordist

Jani Nikander

+358 41 441 7749

Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Location Sound Recordist

Toni Ilo

+358 45 262 6066

Sound Editor / Sound Designer,

Foley Artist

Niklas Jussila

+358 40 748 2282

Foley Mixer, ADR Recordist,

Sound Editor

Ville Holmström

+358 40 067 5319

Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Location Sound Recordist

Salla Hämäläinen

+358 45 630 6310

Sound Designer

Taneli Suoranta

+358 50 346 8728

Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Location Sound Recordist

Samppa Hirvonen

+358 50 401 4308

Sound Editor / Sound Designer, Location Sound Recordist

Santeri Jounila

+358 50 557 0213

Sound Editor / Location Sound Recordist

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