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  • The price of the service is 55 € + VAT 24% = 68.2 €) / Track

  • Your mix will be placed into a queue, from which it will be picked up by our first available engineer.

  • Turnaround time is usually fast, but always within 7 days at the latest.

  • Once the invoice has been paid and the song mastered, you will receive the masters for download in the following formats:

    • WAV 24bit & original sample rate

    • WAV 16bit & 44.1kHz sample rate

  • The cheaper price of E-Mastering is based on the following factors:​

    • No revisions - you trust the mastering engineer's vision

    • No editing of albums (song spacing, order, etc.)

    • It is not possible to attend or schedule the session.

    • No PQ encoding, DDP or physical CD copy.

For more extensive mastering service, please contact our mastering engineers!


E-Mastering at Finnvox is a convenient and affordable alternative for mastering your material. Send us your mix online, and our first free engineer will take on your project.

To get started, contact us using the form below. In return, you will receive instructions, a username and a password to use our Voxbox server. If you already have the credentials, you can send us your files directly.

The price of the service is 55,00 € + VAT 24% = 68,20 € / Track.


For more information please contact:

Mika Jussila

+358 40 511 2668

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